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Yay!! We are announcing our Term 4 groups to support social-emotional well-being. We offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly after-school, Saturday, and during-the-day workshops. The cost of each session varies between $85-$100. Please fill the contact form to register. Workshop fees need to be paid upfront. The price is inclusive of all materials. Participants who are self-managed/or plan-managed are welcome to use their NDIS funding. Please check with your LAC. We are not an NDIS provider. We are not a therapy service. 


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September Holiday One-day Workshop

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TERM 4 WORKSHOPS October-Dec 2021

Saturday Monthly CRAFT

4-6 years 
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7-8 years 
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8-10 years 
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10-14 years 
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11-14 years 
Dungeons and Dragons Art workshop (2).png
8-11 years 
Christmas Art Wednesdays.png

Wednesday Weekly ART 

7-9 years 
Christmas Art for 7 to 9 year olds.png
14-16 years Requiring Substantial Level 3 Support 
Christmas Art for teens requiring substantial support.png

Thursday Fortnightly YOGA 

7-9 years 
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10-16 years 
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Friday Weekly Dungeons and Dragons 

10-13 years 
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13-16 years 
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12-16 years 
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October - November
Parent Sessions Coffee Conversations

Family and Interpersonal Relationships 

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Friday 22nd of October, Transition to High School  


Friday 5th of November, Transition to Higher Education/Employment (joint session for parents and their young adults)

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