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About Us

Every individual has their unique strengths and capabilities that need to be nurtured. At the same time, the individual is socially connected to their family, immediate social environment, school, work, the wider community, etc. Personal relatedness and belongingness support social, emotional, and physical well-being.


There is a need for social groups that foster the strengths of young individuals on the autism spectrum and other neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as embrace the valuable parent-child bond. We need groups that build on the family’s strengths and interests, offer opportunities to network with like-minded peers and develop a sense of community and togetherness.


Social Space Community was established as a social hub. The aim was to provide a shared space for young individuals to engage in personally meaningful, fun, structured recreational activities, supported by loved ones, simultaneously connect face-to-face with peers, and feel confident to practice social and community participation in real-time. We also feel that it is important to connect with the internal and external experiences, in the moment, savour the positive experiences, and install the moments in the memory bank!


As a social venture, we are committed to promoting social connectedness. In these times of social distancing, being in the company of others, engaging in shared interests, sharing a smile, greeting others with a simple hello, or giving back to the community has become even more meaningful.


Social space community does not offer therapy services to help ease emotional challenges or develop interpersonal skills. We hope that by creating a sense of belongingness, improved well-being will likely increase for our members.  

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